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Upcoming Show:
Calumet Photo

Reception: June 20, 2013
Calumet Photo, 2001 Bryant St.,
San Francisco 

Framing Guidelines

All photographs must be gallery ready. This means that at a minimum they need to be framed and ready to hang. We leave mounting and framing details to you as we want your vision to shine through, however we also want this to be professional looking finished pieces worthy of asking $100 or more for. We  take this show quite seriously and put a lot of effort into each one, we would hope you respect that by presenting us with professionally framed pieces.

In the past we've had presentations that ran the gamut from traditional framed, matted images to those printed on metal or mounted on wood. We love alternative presentations as long as they are professional and can be hung with minimal effort.

We STRONGLY urge you to stay away from printing on canvas.

We highly recommend understated, simple framing to let the photograph shine. If you have something in mind that's different from a straightforward print with white or black mat and simple frame we do ask that you run it by us, but we generally support whatever vision you have.

If you're still struggling with what we mean think of what you've seen in professional galleries or on the walls of restaurants. You can also seem photos of some of the past shows.

Printing and Framing Resources

Dickerman Prints - Great service and exceptional print quality. They offer free use of their digital darkrooms for any print made and allow you to take as much or as little time as you need. They are also great supporters of 200 Yards and offer a 30% discount to anyone accepted into a show, just let them know you're printing for 200 Yards. They also offer mounting options (through a 3rd party) that are great if you're interested in a more modern, clean look

Flax Art - They have both digital printing services and lots of low cost, DIY framing options. The staff is also quite knowledgeable and willing to help.

mpix.com - A mail order service that does good work with a reasonable turnaround. They also offer basic framing that we approve of.

Aaron Brothers - A great source for framing.

Cheap Pete's - Another great source for framing.

Ikea also has great frames at a reasonable price and give you options that are less traditional.

Pricing Guidelines

Pricing is one of the hardest tasks we ask you to do. I will start by telling you most of the photographers we work with under value their work. Given that look at the formula below and be honest about what you need to get back if the piece is sold, what you feel comfortable asking, and what level of a photographer you are.

Start with this formula: (Your time [this includes taking the photo, scouting time, and processing] x an hourly rate [start with at least $10 an hour, but I encourage you continue to bump that as you spend more time with photography]) + all costs (printing, framing, shipping, etc.) = base cost or your break even point. Then multiply that times 3.

This is just a rule of thumb. If your final number seems low bump it up. If your final number seems really high, you're probably on the right track. Remember that you will also only get 50% - 60% of the final price (depending on the terms of the gallery).

Most of the photographs we show are priced between $100 and $500, with the ones around $200 - $300 selling the best.

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