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Kiffanie Stahle

I participated in a 4-H photography program the summer I was 8. Using my trusty 110 brownie camera I learned basic photography principals and a few fancy tricks. That summer began my affair with photography. I have owned a camera ever since, however it was not until 2006 that I begun to seriously pursue photography as an art form.

I love to capture common objects in an uncommon way, playing with colors, angles, reflections, and light to reach my desired result. I often walk around an object, twisting my head at different angles, lie down on the ground, or climb up onto rickety structures to get the shot I want. I appreciate that the camera sees the world differently than my eyes. It has the ability to make a fraction of a second last for all of eternity. I use that ability to capture small moments in time, divorced from the surrounding noise of everyday life, to calm the clamor that distracts us from seeing the oddly beautiful things.

The photos below are for sale directly from the artist. Please contact the artist for pricing and size - art@kiffaniestahle.com

Website: kiffaniestahle.com

Facebook: facebook.com/kiffaniestahlephotography

Twitter: twitter.com/kiffaniestahle