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Upcoming Show:
Calumet Photo

Reception: June 20, 2013
Calumet Photo, 2001 Bryant St.,
San Francisco 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate?

200 Yards is open to all photographers, all you have to do is take pictures within the radius and submit before the deadline. You don't need to be approved before hand.

Read the guidelines

And when you're ready submit

How do I know where the 200 yard radius is?

You can download a printable version of the map from the show page. The individual show pages can be found in the dropdown menu titled Shows at the top of the page.

Can I submit photos taken outside of the 200 yard radius, but still nearby?

We're not going to be overbearing dictators about it, but there is a spirit to the concept and project that we'd like you to honor. If it's obvious that the photo wasn't taken within the radius then we won't consider it for the exhibition.

Is 800 pixels the only size I can submit?

The 800 pixel size limit is just for the submission process so that our server isn't flooded with huge files. The image submitted should be large enough for us to see the details you want us to see, this is a juried show after all. However all photos accepted will need to be printed and will most likely be much larger, you can actually dictate them to be as large as you like. They will also need to mounted and/or framed, in other words of gallery quality.

What does gallery quality mean?

Think of what you've seen in professional galleries or on the walls of restaurants. These photos will be hanging in public places for all to see and they will be for sale. The better it looks the more money you can ask. We also take this show quite seriously and put a lot of effort into each one, we would hope you respect that by presenting us nicely framed pieces.

What this means more specifically is the photos need to be printed on photo paper, preferably by a professional printer. The prints need to be mounted and framed and ideally matted. While we do accept alternative presentations, we do ask that you run them buy us first. You don't need to spend a lot on framing, but you do need to take it beyond what you can find at the local drugstore.

Read more on the Resources page.

I've taken lots of photos in this area already. Can I submit photos I've taken in the past?

Yes, you can. We're not going to ask for date stamps on all your images, but isn't it more fun to go out and take pictures now rather than go through your back log?

Who will be judging the entries?

Inclusion in the show will be decided by the founders of Lightbox SF, Shelly Kerry and Genevieve Robertson, as well as the venue owner. On occasion we also bring in local merchants to help in the decision process. We will be selecting the photos based on overall impression, how they will work along side the other photos, and how well they represent the character of the neighborhood.

I've been accepted, how do I price my work?

Start with this formula: (Your time [this includes taking the photo, scouting time, if you went back several times, and processing] x an hourly rate [you start with at least $10 an hour, but I encourage you continue to bump that as you spend more time with your photography]) + all costs (printing, framing, shipping, etc.) = base cost or your break even point. Then multiply that times 3.

This is just a rule of thumb. If your final number seems low bump it up. If your final number seems really high, you're probably on the right track. Remember that you will also only get 50% - 70% of the final price (depending on the terms of the gallery).

Read more on the Resources page.

I missed the deadline, can I still be a part of the project?

200 Yards is an ongoing series of exhibits. We're always looking for new venues to host the show, which means there will always be new deadlines. The best way to be in the know is to sign up for our newsletter (use the form in the left sidebar) or check back regularly.