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200 Yards @ Dickerman Prints

We were thrilled to make friends with the great crew at Dickerman Prints. In support of the project we not only were allowed to host a show in their great space participating photographers were extented a generous discount for their printing and offered a workshop on getting the most from your images when printing. These guys know their stuff and are well worth the visit.

The reception was one of the best yet with a great turnout and the lovely addition of BimBopBowl who was servering Korean rice bowls out front.

Carl Bean Larson
David Becker
Dayman Cash
Shawn Clover
Rozita Fogelman
Daniel Grisales
Molly Peppel
Erika Pino
Carli Schultz
Amy Silver
Ann Simms
Nicole Spear
Ted Waitt
Jym Warhol
Peter Wilke

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