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Daniel Grisales

I try to keep my life as creatively balanced and chaotic as much as I can--hoping they may cancel each other out. I am an evolving creature and need the room to evolve in life. 

I have attempted and dabbled in many forms of the art realm from sketching, painting, sculpting, spoken word, and performance art in an audio-digital format but photography has always nudged me along the way. Asking me to dance and refused each time.

It was intimidation that kept me at bay. I found a box of old photographs from the earlier years in the Navy/ San Francisco days and saw another world unfold. I have been on a constant experimentation of being a viewer through the lens. My connection to the freeze frame became solidified and captured my soul.



The photos below are for sale directly from the artist. Please contact the artist for pricing and sizing - dagrisales@gmail.com